Quds Paints Industry was established in 1994. It started with two lines of products,Water-born Interior Walls putty and Cement-base tile adhesive.

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Treasury of Stitches

Sometimes you hear the news... and you know that there’s a war going on... you find the news unbearable... yet you have to absorb it like a bitter drink... Sometimes you make yourself believe that tomorrow will be better... although you know that this will happen again and again... Sometimes you look so calm while people in Gaza are butchered... Sometimes you wait for a reaction... you lose patience and curse... you breathe with difficulty... and are puzzled: why have you not yet died from rage?

Sometimes you have to admit that pain exists... and that you feel worn out... Sometimes you avoid the news... and you say nothing... and do nothing... But at other times... you think of the children... of the women... sitting by the light of an oil lamp... stitching... they let the stitches speak... there’s love for life... and a desire to be alive..